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A business school dedicated to equality, ESCP believes women experts should be given the exposure they deserve on the topics they are passionate about.

Women are still vastly underrepresented in the media. ‘Her Voice’, a new podcast launched by ESCP Business School aims to help change this by giving women a new dynamic platform to share their expertise.

Her Voice's Mission

Her Voice will provide quality interviews from female leaders who have managed to not only make it into the science and business worlds but to also change the status-quo and create lasting impact for the better. 

“From tech and entrepreneurship to the sustainability transition, the women on the podcast will be eager to share their knowledge so that they can inspire and shed a new light on what it means to be a female leader.” 

ESCP believes dreams and ambitions are born from the representations we are provided with as children and young adults, and therefore it's crucial to share the voices of these women in the hope that it will participate in the creation of the next generation of leaders.

Episode one: Rethinking how we light cities with Sandra Rey

For the first episode of Her Voice, ESCP has invited a special guest to talk about her creative solution for something we often take for granted, lighting. Sandra Rey is the founder and CEO of Glowee, a start-up with the ambition to revolutionise the way we light up our spaces and cities thanks to bioluminescence.

Episode two: Looking at the future of Bitcoin and blockchain with Diana Biggs

A crypto fan since 2013 and currently the CEO of Valour, a digital assets investment platform, Diana Biggs is an expert when it comes to innovation in finance. Together, we discussed the overall evolution of the “crypto craze”, the surging popularity of NFTs (aka Non-Fungible Tokens), and also the challenges facing women in finance.

Episode three: Investigating algorithmic bias in tech with Aurélie Jean & Amélia Matar

On the third episode of Her Voice, we had the opportunity to speak with not one but two women experts, Aurélie Jean and Amélia Matar, about their respective fields of artificial intelligence and computer science education for children. Together, we investigated the variety of biases in tech — whether they influence the way algorithms are created, or the number of women in the industry.

Episode four: Farming healthy and sustainable food with Anisha Goel

When Anisha Goel was confronted with the difficulty of finding fresh local produce in her hometown in India, she decided to create the solution. Building off of her family’s history and her business experience, Anisha and her co-founders are working to uncover new ways of growing healthy, sustainable food and educating consumers on the great products from local farmers.

Where to listen

The podcast will feature on ‘The Choice’ – a media platform powered by ESCP which brings together a variety of voices that reflect both the European and international footprint of the school. From professors and students to guest writers, each author shares their own unique voice and vision of the world of business. 

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“At ESCP Business School, we believe that in business, as in life, everything starts with choices. And it is by making such choices that we give meaning to business. As leaders, our choices can define the world we live in.”