The GEA Sustainability ESCP team organised the successful business game "Staiy in the Game" offering ESCP students the chance to get in contact with professionals in the sustainable fashion sector and give a tangible form to their business ideas.
The student society, that gathers young adults who are concerned about our planet, committed to giving their contribution towards a more sustainable future, created the business game in collaboration with Staiy, the marketplace merging aesthetics, sustainability and AI-technology in one place with a clear mission: to accelerate the transition towards sustainable fashion. This is an ESCP born start-up, launched less than two years ago by a group of talented and visionary ESCP BSc students.

The event consisted of a Business Game involving teams of students from all the ESCP network, who dedicated their knowledge and passion for sustainability to design sustainable packaging and delivery strategy for Staiy. 
Participants had the opportunity to face and solve real-life issues encountered by Staiy. The Business Game revolved around the problem of how to create a sustainable packaging and delivery system. Through their research and presentations, the teams gained valuable insights into the industry, competitors, suppliers, logistics systems, among many other aspects. Working with a genuine company on a concrete challenge provided them with added value, as they were able to experience first-hand what goes on behind the scenes at revolutionary companies like Staiy and interact directly with industry professionals.

"Staiy in the Game" participants

The event was organized in two rounds. In the first one, the groups were challenged with the issues offered by the game while on the second date of the Business Game, the teams had the opportunity to present their solutions in front of a jury, namely two of the co-founders of the company, Alessandro Nora and Ludovico Durante
It was a great opportunity for participants to persuade and convince the jury that their idea was the best from different perspectives, time-wise, money-wise, and the most feasible to implement.
The jury and GEA team were very impressed by the great ideas that were proposed and the passion and creativity shown by all participants.
Finally, two teams were chosen, one for their packaging strategy and the other for delivery logistics.

For a more sustainable packaging solution: Gabriela Del Nero, Lucien Douchet, Marin Bascher, Romain Van Gaver.

For the delivery logistics strategy: Emma Bertelli, Carlotta Burgher, Camilla Serantoni, Margherita Nasi, Francesca Soldatini.
From now on the selected teams will have the unique opportunity to collaborate with Staiy and implement their ideas, not only increasing their skills but also having a positive impact on the environment and the development of a sustainable business!

We cannot wait to see the new events GEA’s team is working on to contribute to making ESCP campuses and the world, a greener place.