In October 2020, ESCP Business School’s London Campus hosted its first ever virtual Careers Fair, allowing students from across the School’s six campuses to attend a series of online webinars and interact with representatives from a variety of companies.

Around 600 students were given the opportunity to book virtual slots and discuss career opportunities with these companies in groups of three, five and 10.

The day began with the three-part webinar series that provided students with insights into specific sectors, including Consultancy and Marketing. 

First of the series, Breakfast with Consultants, offered a live Q&A session with ESCP Alumni from renown Consultancy firms like BCG, McKinsey and Bain. Guest speakers not only shared their insights on working within the consultancy sector, but also their personal experiences and lessons learnt through their career paths. Students were invited to ask questions on any aspect of job search and application processes. 

Brunch with Marketers, the second in the series of webinars, was a live Q&A session with ESCP Alumni working within various roles in companies like Christian Louboutin, Nike, and Birdseye.

The third and final webinar included a live Q&A session with recruiters from Amazon, Bloomberg, Gartner, Babcock International, BPI and others, giving students a chance to ask questions on recruitment, CVs, cover letters, applications, interviews and more.

The webinar series was followed by the Virtual Careers Fair. In previous editions of the event on-campus, students would be free to explore multiple rooms of stands and chat with potential employers in person. COVID-19 restrictions saw this transform to an online meet-and-greet, with students attended pre-registered virtual slots with companies like Amazon, Babcock International, Bloomberg, BPI, Deutsche Bank, Efficio, Gartner, Stepstone, Splunk and Operis

Babcock International, a leader in engineering services supporting national defence, emergency services and civil nuclear shared: “We attended both the recruiters webinar and the virtual fair. We thoroughly enjoyed the recruiters’ webinar and thought the chosen questions were really helpful for students. Our team enjoyed the day and we hope it was enjoyable for the students. We will be looking out for ESCP students in our applications over the coming months.”

Professor Simon Mercado, Dean of ESCP’s London Campus, commented: “Our virtual event has been a great success, and it is a real breakthrough to offer a service like this online on a high quality platform. The evidence of over 600 ESCP students participating speaks volumes for the reach of our event, the quality of our corporate partners, and the critical importance of graduate placement.”