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We interviewed the winners of the Scholarship Contest organised by Turin Campus: Alessandra Miglietta, Federico Billi and Maya Cartegni. 

Last week 20 talented and young incoming and prospective ESCP students got a taste of the business school and its teaching methods by participating in the BSc in Management - Scholarship Contest. The business simulation, organised on the Turin campus, was really challenging but all participants were highly motivated.

The session was held by Professor Fabrizio Zerbini, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, and Isabella Maggioni, Assistant Professor of Marketing.

The BSc in Management - Scholarship Contest was an excellent opportunity to bring together students with different backgrounds from all over Italy.

The young participants, aged between 17 and 20, were divided into five groups that worked in teams on the business case, that was designed to test the students' logical, strategic and decision-making acumen.

The winners of the competition were awarded a scholarship for the next academic year: the first classified, Alessandra Miglietta, received a 50% scholarship, the second and third-ranked, Federico Billi and Maya Cartegni, received a 25% scholarship.

After the award ceremony, we met them to talk about this experience.

You are one of the winners of the ESCP BSc in Management - Scholarship Contest. What do you think of this opportunity?
Federico Billi: “I am really grateful for this award. It means very much to me. I always try to set high goals and to do my best to reach them one step after the other, through endurance and hard work. I feel supported in pursuing my dreams”.

Which part of the contest was the most challenging for you?
Maya Cartegni: “The most challenging part for me was the technical language. Some of the words describing the circumstances were difficult to contextualise for me, yet actively participating into the conversation with my team as well as listening to the others allowed me to understand the meaning of the whole text in a more profound way”.

What did you learn from this experience?
Alessandra Miglietta
: “Surely not to take anything for granted and that, sometimes, you need to use your imagination to find solutions that logic can’t always provide. Secondly, sharing your ideas and experiences with others helps get better results”. 

In your opinion which skills or talents helped you to get this scholarship?
Federico Billi
: “I think I’m good at simplifying concepts that normally need deep analysis. I always strive to go right to the core of things”.

What did you like most about the contest?
Alessandra Miglietta
: “I must say that, as a whole, I liked the whole contest! The group work was very exciting, and it was an unexpected help in giving my best”.

What will you tell your friends and family about this experience?
Maya Cartegni
: “I will tell my family and friends that it was a magnificent experience that proved even further the added value a school like ESCP can bring, both for the philosophy and concept behind it as well as for the modern and enriching methods of learning in a context of excellence and high standards by always exchanging ideas and opinions to grow as a united team”.

Congratulations to the winners on their achievement. This is just the beginning of their journey to an outstanding career. 





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