ESCP turns its graduates into responsible tree owners

In 2022, ESCP has opted for a meaningful gift for its Bachelor in Management (BSc), Master in Management (MiM) and MBA in International Management graduates. For each of them, the School has planted a tree in the “ESCP Forest” in La-Chapelle-Saint-Remy, two hours away from Paris.

As it grows, the forest, created in partnership with EcoTree, will contribute to Europe’s biodiversity and reflects ESCP’s commitments towards sustainability. In total, 1670 trees will be planted in the name of the ESCP community, acting as carbon sinks for the climate, a haven for plants & animals and a vital sustainable resource. There is also an economic advantage as the sustainable management of the forest will allow for proceeds, which will be offered to the students.

To symbolise this meaningful action, an upcycled card made out of wood waste was offered to the new tree owners, wishing them to grow and reach new heights in their career.

Our partner EcoTree, a greentech startup, is a certified B Corp structure, specialised in the ecological and economic development of forestry and its biodiversity.

Why a tree? Because they are highly symbolic, for several reasons.

In every culture, a tree is a positive symbol. It acts as a symbol of growth, wisdom and strength, which are all qualities we hope our students will find during their journey at ESCP and beyond.

Moreover, these trees aim to represent a commitment to nature. Thousands of forests around the world are now in danger due to intensive human activity.  Global warming is also causing more and more recurrent and devastating forest fires, which has irreversible consequences on biodiversity.

For instance, since 1990, the Amazon forest has lost more than 220 million hectares of forest.

Forests are home to incredible biodiversity and participate in many environmental mechanisms, such as climate regulation, a matter of concern to everyone; especially at the present time when the temperatures are more and more worrying.

We hope that this gift reminds graduates of the importance of their role as societal actors, aligned with ESCP’s effort to train 100% of its students on sustainability.

ESCP Business School Graduate

Eco Tree gift from ESCP Business School to its graduates - Front

Eco Tree gift from ESCP Business School to its graduates - Back

ESCP Business School Graduate