A digital talk show dedicated to rethinking business & leadership: Introducing ESCP Live

ESCP Live is a digital talk show that brings together experts from within the ESCP Business School community and beyond to discuss the hot management and leadership trends of our time.

The experts who will be participating reflect both the European and international footprint of the school. Whether they are professors, alumni, or guests, each comes with their own vision for the world of business and the common mission to share our experiences and inspire fellow and future choice makers.

Episode One: Have teams replaced talents as the workplace superstars?

Current trends in favour of job hopping, freelancing and collaborative working are transforming the way we work, hire and evolve in our careers.

In conversation with ESCP’s Dean, Frank Bournois, and Prof. Alexandre Tissot, co-director of ESCP’s specialised master’s in industry transformation management, ESCP takes a closer look at how the star hire of yesterday is slowly shifting towards a more group-oriented approach.

Episode Two: Why your culture must evolve with leadership

How can business leaders ensure a mutually satisfying relationship for themselves and their teams in the face of today’s challenges?

In conversation with Simon Mercado, ESCP’s executive vice president for corporate & external relations as well as dean of Executive Education, and Malene Rydahl, a former executive in corporate communication - now a writer, speaker and executive coach.

Episode Three: Are businesses ready for their entrepreneurial employees?

In an uncertain and constantly evolving business landscape, many leaders are seeking employees that have an entrepreneurial mindset, hoping that this will boost innovation and agility. But are businesses prepared to help their entrepreneurial employees thrive?

To answer this question, we spoke with Marianne Pennanéac'h, a global HR director in fragrances & beauty, and Maëva Tordo, the director of ESCP’s European incubator, the Blue Factory.

Episode Four: How a sustainability mindset can change the game

ESCP Professor of Sustainability Aurélien Acquier hosted a lively discussion with experts from the world of business as they debated how a sustainability mindset could be a win-win for everyone in the search for talent, from the job seekers themselves to the companies that need them.

In this episode, we heard the perspectives of Fabien Dell - Economic Advisor to the European Commissioner for Employment and Social Rights; Lubomila Jordanova - Co-Founder & CEO of Plan A; and Antoine Poincaré - Head of Axa Climate School.

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Episode Five: Beyond the Unicorn: Measuring Success in Impact Entrepreneurship

In this edition of ESCP Live, we dive deeper into an alternative measurement of success, in entrepreneurship or any business for that matter, one that is more important than ever as we face global challenges that will cause irreparable damage to our communities and planet if solutions are not found... We’re talking about success based on impact.

Alisa Sydow, assistant professor of entrepreneurship & innovation as well as the founder of Nampelka, and Arnaud Mourot, VP of Changemaker Companies at Ashoka and the founder of PLAY International, share their tips for building an impact entrepreneurship mindset and much more.

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Episode Six: Trust Issues: Overcoming Challenges in the Modern Workplace

Does the workplace have trust issues? Across numerous articles that we’ve covered on ESCP’s media, The Choice, the theme of trust is a constant. Whether we are talking about the trend of quiet quitting, succeeding in a multicultural workplace, or becoming an agile leader, trust is a cornerstone.

But when it comes to the modern workplace, is trust more fragile than ever? And if so, what can we actually do about it? Prof. Kerstin Alfes, Prof. Ben Voyer, and ESCP alumnus Leonid Goncharov answer these questions and provide us with their top tips for fostering trust.

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