Highlights from the 2023 ESCP Turin Campus Opening Ceremony

Nurturing Global Leaders

The 2023 ESCP Turin Campus Opening Ceremony was a momentous event that celebrated the record numbers of the new academic year. With 848 students welcomed from 64 different nationalities, this event highlighted the school's commitment to fostering internationalism in education. 

Take a look at the highlights video and delve into the key takeaways from the ceremony and the insights shared by esteemed guest speakers.



The ESCP Turin campus has seen an impressive increase in the number of international students for the academic year 2023-2024. We have welcomed 781 students on-site and 67 online, representing 64 different nationalities. Notably, 73% of our students come from outside Italy. This statistic speaks volumes about the school's commitment to providing a truly international educational environment.

Choose to Lead: Purpose and Personal Development

The theme of the 2023 opening ceremony, "Choose to Lead: Purpose and Personal Development," set the tone for a day filled with inspiration and meaningful discussions. Prof Alberta Di Giuli, Dean of ESCP Turin Campus, who also hosted the event, initiated an engaging dialogue about the essence of leadership.
The ceremony featured an esteemed panel of guest speakers, each with a wealth of experience and wisdom to share. Among them were:

  • Prof Francesco Profumo, President of ESCP Turin Campus: Prof Profumo's presence added gravitas to the occasion, as he shared insights on leadership and its evolving role in an ever-changing world.
  • Paolo Lobetti Bodoni, Consulting Leader Italy – EY: As a prominent figure in the consulting industry, Mr. Bodoni offered valuable insights into personal development and how it intertwines with leadership.
  • Irene Carignano, ESCP Alumna & Managing Director Leveraged Finance – BNP Paribas CIB: As an alumna of ESCP, Ms. Carignano's journey from student to a leading position in the financial sector was truly inspirational.
  • Marina Catino, Partner – Kearney: Ms. Catino's perspective on leadership and its impact on organizational success shed light on the importance of leadership development.
  • Prof Francesco Rattalino, ESCP Business School Executive Vice President responsible for Academic Affairs and Student Experience: Prof Rattalino's expertise in academic affairs and student experience provided valuable insights into the holistic development of future leaders.

Insights and Inspiration 

The guest speakers shared their insights on the intricacies of leadership and the development of personal and professional growth. The ceremony theme, "Choose to Lead," emphasized the importance of making conscious choices in one's leadership journey.
It was pointed out that leadership is not confined to a corporate hierarchy or seniority. It is a process of inspiring and influencing others towards a common goal. The diverse panel of speakers highlighted the multifaceted nature of leadership, where empathy, authenticity, and humility play pivotal roles.

A Bright Future Ahead

The ESCP Turin Campus Opening Ceremony was a beacon of inspiration for the new students embarking on their academic journey. The internationalism and commitment to nurturing global leaders was evident in every aspect of the event. As the students take their first steps into this new academic year, they are armed with valuable insights and a clear understanding of what it means to choose to lead.
We wish all the new students the very best in their pursuit of academic and personal development. The future holds boundless opportunities for these aspiring leaders, and we can't wait to see their impact on the world.

If you missed the event, you can watch the full conference recording here: