ESCP Business School and RIU Hotels & Resorts Professorship
2022 Action Plan

Collaboration with the aim to design and develop joint projects and activities in the field of CSR, was ESCP Business School´s and RIU Hotels & Resorts prime concern when they signed the Professorship agreement after years of working together in the field.

The CSR website  “Be RIUsponsible” that homes the RIU Method, created in collaboration with ESCP in 2019, explains the unique work system and key tools that the CSR team takes into account while deciding what actions or projects to carry out in each country, always taking into account these top priorities:, people (childhood and local community) and biodiversity.   

Objectives will be achieved throughout two lines of work:

1) Exploring and designing LEARNING COMMUNITIES: "Start spreading the news...!”:
Mapping the data already obtained by the company in terms of CSR, as well as exploring the different models of structure (Observatory, laboratory, node) that will allow the design of the RIU LAB "architecture" (structure, operations, functions, participants, publications, etc.) that will contribute to the execution of studies for the promotion and dissemination of applied science and knowledge transfer.

2) AD-HOC Academic CRS consulting Missions: “Sustainability In ACT-I-ON”
4 ICP (International Consulting Projects) with MS´c students teams.

  • Sustainability in action. Value chains in the hotel purchasing function: What should be the sustainability criteria guidelines for RIU hotels & Resorts?
  • CSR-RIU Diagnosis worldwide: Mapping, recapitulation and proposals for improvement in the articulation of CSR projects and initiatives implemented by RIU Hotels & Resorts.
  • New communication channels, tools and networks to improve the impact of RIU CSR initiatives based on the “communication strengths”
  • ROI analysis: how to measure the impact of RIU social investment. Analysis of methodologies and proposals of good practices applied to the company realities.