Innovative entrepreneurs like Simone Quarta are making waves with their groundbreaking startups in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. Simone, an alumnus of ESCP's MSc in Energy Management programme, is CEO and co-founder of BRIDGE, a pioneering Italian digital freight forwarder that is revolutionising the transportation industry.

Simone Quarta and Luca Petrone, co-founders with Stefano Asperti of BRIDGE, have been honoured among the young talents Forbes in Europe and Italy recognised in 2023.
In a captivating conversation, we had the privilege of exploring the origins of BRIDGE and delving into the amazing journey that led to this remarkable achievement.

Forbes has recognised you and your company as being on the fast track to revolutionising the freight transport sector, listing you as one of the "30 under 30 2023" in Europe and in the "100 under 30" list in Italy in the "Manufacturing & Industry" category. Congratulations! It's a fantastic result! What's it like to be honoured by Forbes?

Since we started BRIDGE, we have been working with a clear objective in mind and being on the Forbes list was one of them.
Being recognised as a market leader from the same actors in the logistics industry is the most rewarding consequence of being in Forbes.
Forbes 30 under 30 is not a recognition for Simone Quarta. If I am here, it is thanks also to the BRIDGE team that, from an idea, became the first Italian digital freight forwarder. I would love to especially thank Luca Petrone and Stefano Asperti for being such great co-founders.
My favourite quote is alone we can do little, together we can do a lot, because it is only through a cohesive team rowing in the same direction that grandiose goals can be achieved, as demonstrated by BRIDGE, the company that is revolutionising the way companies move goods.
Personally, I do not feel any change. We are already working on the next steps. The mountain to climb is still insanely high, and we never look back. Being in contact with other Forbes honourees will allow me and the other co-founders to learn from the best in the industry and create the perfect network that will enable us to avoid errors and take the best out of BRIDGE.

Bridge team

You are the co-founder and CEO of BRIDGE, a digital platform for road freight transport that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to match customers and transporters. What led you to create and succeed with your company?

I used to be the Italian director of a petrochemical trading company. I was selling polymers produced in the USA, Russia, Turkey and the Far East, thus being involved in logistics. We had a huge difficulty with logistics, from transit time to track trucks to competitive prices.
The more I dived into logistics, the more I discovered how obsolete the industry was.
With Luca Petrone, co-founder of BRIDGE, we sat down in a bar in Milan in 2020 to try to find the best solution to solve all the problems I was facing, and from that moment, an idea became a reality.
We started to develop the first version of what BRIDGE is today, but we were still missing something, an absolute expert in logistics with enough experience and willingness to change the status quo, and Stefano Asperti, co-founder of BRIDGE, came at the right time.
I will not focus on explaining BRIDGE any further because, what BRIDGE is today is thanks to the team. You can have the best idea and the best technology in the world, but if you do not have a great team to execute it, then the idea is worth zero.
The equilibrium we have in the founding team is what leads us to take the best decisions at the right moment, being proactive in what can pose a challenge in the future.

Founded in 2021, BRIDGE has built a network of over 6,000 transporters and raised $1.7 million in funding. What is the company's vision and what is your most innovative approach?

We want to change the way companies move goods.
Transportation must be fast, reliable and competitive. The only way to achieve these three objectives is to digitise the industry, and BRIDGE is at the forefront of innovation.
Our key focus is on our clients. Thanks to their feedback, we strive to create the best product in the market.

Simone Quarta

How did what you learned at ESCP help you achieve your goals?

The ESCP allowed me to develop and strengthen my ability to work in teams and listen to others' feedback while also allowing me to set, structure and reach objectives.
Every classmate I used to study with has a great career in different sectors, and having the chance to exchange ideas with them always offers me a growth opportunity.

Do you have any advice for young entrepreneurs who want to launch their startups?

  • Do not only look at the idea you have. Keep a strong focus on the team. A team that can thrive and support in rough waters is key to success.
  • Focus on establishing company culture since the first employees so they can be an example for future ones.
  • Focus on cash-flow first.
  • Don't wait for perfection before launching the product. Enter the market, get feedback and improve the product.

What's next for BRIDGE?

In the coming months, we will close the next fundraiser, hire more people and invest in them.
We will transform all our ideas into reality and make BRIDGE the biggest freight forwarder in Europe.

Simone Quarta's journey as the CEO and Co-founder of BRIDGE, and his recognition by Forbes as one of the industry's rising stars, showcase his unwavering commitment to transforming the freight transport sector. 


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