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Just as education is the key to unlocking a person’s future, sustainability is the key to unlocking everyone's future.

ESCP Business School sees sustainable development as a fundamental element in the transformation of our societies and economies, and therefore encourages young people to take the lead - with the right preparation - by rewarding their passion.

In fact, through the Bachelor in Management (BSc), the program’s Madrid campus admitted candidates have the chance to win one of the three ESCP Green Scholarships. A grant specifically designed to support their talent and desire to be part of the change.

The idea behind the Green Scholarship is to gauge candidates’ entrepreneurial spirit and encourage them to search for creative solutions to the main issues brought by climate change and environmental conservation. The candidates who present the best projects are then eligible for prizes covering 50%30%, and 20% of the first year's tuition fees.

“We are faced with the need to intervene in a system rooted in a space-time that cries out for help,” affirms Alejandro Ruiz, Academic Director of the Bachelor in Management (BSc) at the Madrid Campus and cocreator of the contest. “Rainwater harvesting methods, eco-shops, and meals with a reduced plastic load are just a selection of the winning proposals that demonstrate the renewed mentality required to achieve a sustainable future.” 

future-oriented mentality that is fully attuned to our candidates' vision of the world of tomorrow.

“Interviewing a sample of 100 students, I was able to calculate an average use of 1,000 pieces of paper per student per year. In the long term, these figures were not sustainable at all". Samy Rabii, a BSc candidate from Morocco, started from this premise to design one of last year’s winning proposals.

“To solve this problem, I outline a viable strategy to incentivize recycling and reinforce positive behavior through prizes and promotions that users can acquire through a software application I developed.” 

Since 2019, ESCP Madrid campus, offers the BSc Green Scholarship competition and opens to all its admitted candidates from Madrid campus, the chance to show their best versions of unlocking a great future.


More information: bachelormadrid@escp.eu