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Future of Work ConversationsThe Benefits of Being an Out Leader at Work

Over the past decade or so, the LGBTIQ+ community has emerged as a vocal and increasingly emancipated group in the business world.  It is no surprise then that LGBTIQ+ talent also made its way into leadership roles and, with it, increased visibility of the community at work. Join the Adecco webinar on  “Future of Work Conversations: The Benefits of Being an Out Leader at Work” to learn about being out at work and how it affects your career and leadership style.

Future of Work ConversationsJoin Online Wednesday 29 June - from 5:00 p.m. (CEST) Register

We'll be joined by

  • Aurelie Feld, President of LHH France
  • Stan Stalnaker, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Hub Culture Group
  • Helen Thompson, CRE, Group Lead, Content and Applied Analytics at Esri
  • Stephan Schmuck, Programme Director of the LGBT+ Leadership Programme at ESCP Business School Berlin
  • and Coram Williams, CFO & Q+ Executive Sponsor at The Adecco Group


Organiser: The Adecco Group

Online - Worldwide



Start date: 29/06/2022

Start time: 5:00 PM

End time: 6:00 PM