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Professor Yannick Meiller contributed to a large project co-funded by the European Commission studying healthy ageing through web-based interventions.


“The aging of the population, public health management and the digital transformation of healthcare are subjects which matter and for which a school of management can make valuable contributions”, explains ESCP Europe Professor in Information Management and Digital transformation Yannick Meiller, who joined an international and multidisciplinary group of researchers on a 5-year long project named Healthy Ageing Through Internet Counselling in the Elderly (HATICE). This study of 2724 participants in the Netherlands, Finland and France has just reached its end, with the publication of the scientific results in The Lancet Digital Health.

“In a nutshell, it turns out that older people can improve their lifestyle and adopt healthier behaviours with the support of an online coach. This way, they can reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease and dementia,” he adds.
This project has also enabled other related investigations, Yannick Meiller contributing more specifically to research about data merging and handling of missing data.