For the fourth year in a row, 22 young and talented incoming and prospective ESCP Bachelor in Management students experienced the Business School and its teaching methods by participating in the BSc in Management Scholarship Contest, with a total of €14,950 being awarded in prizes.

In 2021, the business simulation challenge, organised yearly by the Turin Campus, was held online again due to the pandemic.

The session was hosted by Professor Fabrizio Zerbini, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, and Isabella Maggioni, Associate Professor of Marketing. 

The contest challenged a selected number of students from high schools all around Italy in an involving business simulation in which they imagined being entrepreneurs and tested their strategy and decision-making skills

Then, the young participants were divided into four groups, each of which worked in virtual rooms on a business case designed to assess the students' analytical and strategic insight. After 45 minutes of teamwork, the students took the floor, presented their outcomes, and had a Q&A session with the jury and their peers.

The business game sparked students' curiosity, and the contestants showed enthusiasm, significant commitment, critical mindset, and leadership skills.

Prof Francesco Rattalino, Dean of ESCP Turin Campus, also took part in the proceedings while the jury was choosing the winners.

The panel assessed the individual performances in the business simulation and how students interacted in teamwork. From a very talented pool, they decided on three winners, all of whom were women. Each will receive a partial scholarship for the next academic year at ESCP Business School. They are:

  • Ludovica Dell'Uomo of Liceo Scientifico Blaise Pascal (Giaveno, TO) who came first, was awarded a 50% tuition fee scholarship, equal to €7,475.00.
  • Federica Selvini of Liceo Scientifico Aristotele, Cambridge track (Rome), second-ranked, received a 30% scholarship, amounting to €4,485.00.
  • Sofia Pernigo of Liceo Carlo Montanari (Verona), in third place, got a 20% scholarship, equal to €2,990.00.

These scholarships can be combined with other grants provided by the ESCP Business School.

The BSc Scholarship contest gives potential students the opportunity to experience ESCP’s pedagogical approach and learning methods. Through the business simulation and case study discussion, participants were exposed to a mix of activities grounded on experiential and applied learning. Participants were challenged with analysing business and contextual data to come up with relevant strategies, discuss solutions and make decisions. We were particularly pleased by the high quality of the works presented by the teams and their critical thinking skills. Everyone proved to be very flexible and quickly adapted to effectively work in teams with people who they had never met before”, said Marketing Professor Isabella Maggioni.

“It is always amazing to see how our young candidates are capable of diving into the business simulation pace, the group dynamics, and how they can deliver on challenging targets under tough time constraints. Not to mention that all this is now happening in an e-learning, online environment. Most might expect poor interaction and lower delivery level, but this is not what our BSc candidates delivered” – stated Prof Fabrizio Zerbini.
Bravo to the participants, and congratulations to the three talented women who made it on the scholarship awards!

The contest challenged the participants by taking them out of their comfort zone, but they enjoyed the experience, which they found dynamic, fun and interactive. They declared that it was a very interesting and exciting event that allowed them to appreciate the learning by doing approach of ESCP.

Congrats to the winners and thank you to all the contestants for their enthusiasm and active participation!