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Léon Laulusa, Senior Executive Vice-President of ESCP, Ensures the General Management of the School

Following the resignation of Professor Frank Bournois as executive president & dean of ESCP, Professor Léon Laulusa, senior executive vice-president, will ensure the continuity of the school's general management until the nomination of a successor by the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors of ESCP recognises the decision of Frank Bournois, dean of the school since 2014, to leave his position to pursue a new professional adventure outside the European Union.

The Board would like to thank Frank Bournois for his unwavering commitment to the ESCP community for nearly nine years

As senior executive vice-president since 1 January 2022, Professor Léon Laulusa will ensure continuity until the Board of Directors appoints a new executive president and dean.

Frank Bournois will accompany Leon Laulusa until 28 February to ensure a smooth transition in the interests of the students, faculty and staff of the school.

This is a carefully considered decision and brings to a close my mandate. Over this time we have all worked together to increase the school's recognition and reputation for excellence and to establish it as one of the best European business schools.

I am proud of the journey we have travelled together and of the challenges we have successively taken up. This includes the introduction of the Bachelor's degree, the set-up of a legal entity for the school, the development of our campuses, the celebration of our bicentenary, and our rise to the top of the most prestigious rankings.

I will leave the school with a lot of emotion and with the belief that it has today a solid management team and bright future. Over the years we have collectively delivered on the key elements of the Brand and Size strategy. The school is in good financial health and has a strengthened competitive position in the ecosystem of European business schools and universities.

Professor Frank Bournois - ESCP Business SchoolProf. Frank Bournois

I would like to commend Frank Bournois' record since 2014 and am proud of the work we have done together since establishing the legal entity for the school in 2018. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to express our confidence in Léon Laulusa, senior executive vice-president since 1 January 2022.

Philippe Houzé - Chairman of the ESCP Board of DirectorsPhilippe Houzé
Chairman of the ESCP Board of Directors

Under the leadership of Frank Bournois, ESCP has experienced a transformation and development unparalleled in its two hundred-year history. With my colleagues on the Management Board and the support of Chairman Philippe Houzé, we will continue to pursue the Choice & Experiences strategy to further transform our school into a world-class institution and offer a unique experience to each of our students and participants.

Prof. Léon Laulusa - Senior - ESCP Business SchoolProf. Léon Laulusa
Senior executive vice-president

Léon Laulusa

Professor Leon Laulusa, ESCP Business School, Senior Executive Vice President, Dean for Academic and International Affairs and Dean of the Paris campus, the Warsaw campus and Dubai branch campus

Léon Laulusa has been a tenured professor at ESCP since 2005.

From 2013, Léon Laulusa successively held the positions of dean in charge of international development and international relations, member of the Executive Committee (of which he has been a member since 2014), dean of academic and international relations (since 2017), executive vice-president in charge of academic and international affairs, and then senior executive vice-president since January 1, 2022, with particular responsibility for overseeing the full-time degree programmes and international academic relations (partnerships and double degrees).

In January 2023, Leon Laulusa was also appointed dean of the school's Paris campus, with responsibility for overseeing the move planned for September 2023 to the Champerret site and the renovation of ESCP’s historic premises at 79 avenue de la République.
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