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Vision & Strategy

Our Vision for 2025

Being the European business school of reference in terms of excellence and avant-garde experiences in all the dimensions of a learner’s life: academia, teaching methods, student societies and activities, and business connections.

Our Strategy

Choice & Experiences
2022\2025 it all starts here with you

At the crossroads of our mission, calling for strong choices, and our vision, based on learning experiences, our four-year strategy aims to consolidate our unique, bicentennial and European model through four pillars.

Four Pillars



In a non-profit business school like ESCP, the first pillar of our strategy is directly linked to our mission which is about inspiring and educating purpose-driven leaders.

We will therefore integrate sustainability into all our courses and processes.


All companies, whether large international groups, family businesses, fast-growing start-ups, or governmental organisations, are being challenged by new talent needs.

Today, a leader will have an impact if he or she has both a global vision and an expert view. For instance: What are the implications of Big Data and Blockchain on your business, your market, and your people, nationally or globally?


Our school was created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. From Day 1, Innovation was part of our DNA. ESCP was the pioneer of multi-campus models - and we remain unmatched to this very day.

In all of our six capital cities we commit to provide a top-end learning and working experience. With the complete rebuilding of the Paris campus, the renovation in London, the extension in Berlin, the acquisition in Turin, and more facilities in Madrid.


ESCP is more than a school, it is a community. It’s a living and growing community, with a strong diversity of talents from all nationalities and origins.

Our ambition is to develop this spirit for a more committed, more inclusive, and more ambitious community.