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ESCP launches its new brand campaign
The Choice

In the year of its bicentenary, ESCP Business School, the only pan-European school, unveils its new brand territory designed with the TBWA agency.

As it enters its third centenary
ESCP Business School is reviving its historic brand, reaffirming its pioneering position.

ESCP's pioneering dimension was present from the first years of its creation at the beginning of the 19th century: from the outset, several nationalities, a strong humanism, a vision of multidisciplinary management education focused on science, humanities and languages. This approach, drawn from European culture, remains relevant at a time when the greatest economists and entrepreneurs are calling for the redesign of capitalism. 

Several generations of entrepreneurs and managers have been trained by ESCP with the conviction that the business world must feed society in a positive way.

Today, students in all programmes follow their training courses on several campuses of their choice among the six offered by the School (Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw). This unique pedagogical model is managed by fully European pedagogical and strategic bodies. 

The School's values (excellence, singularity, creativity and plurality) guide our daily mission and are expressed through a pedagogical vision that brings them together. 

Our conviction
In life and in business, it all starts with choices.

ESCP has chosen to teach responsible leadership that is open to the world, aware of social issues, and supported by European diversity, multiculturalism and universal values. Teaching is also part of our philosophy: training our students to ask the right questions, to question preconceived ideas and patterns, to decode the world so that they can make the right choices.

Joining ESCP means choosing to follow this vision, that of a humanistic, culturally agile, innovative, responsible and optimistic leadership. 

– It all starts here –

Phillippe Houzé - Chairman of the Board - ESCP

Phillippe Houzé
Chairman of the Board

“The global business school market is a based on brands. To support the school's international development, we are repositioning ESCP on its bicentenary brand in order to promote it throughout the world.”

Pr. Frank Bournois - Executive Director & Dean - ESCP

Professor Frank Bournois
Executive Director & Dean

“Our mission is to educate and inspire future business leaders to have a positive impact on the world. Our teaching will help them to meet the technological, environmental and societal challenges of today's world by drawing on our European values: excellence and humanism.”

Dimitri Champollion - Director of Communications and Brand - ESCP

Dimitri Champollion
Director of Communications and Brand

“To support the new brand identity, a major project was carried out with Alumni from the School, supported by the Foundation, to launch a campaign based on choice, The Choice. We are now in an era of choices: technological, economic or political. ESCP incites and teaches to make informed choices. Not tomorrow, but today.”