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The conference, held during the 200th Anniversary Celebration of ESCP, will host the top students of the top 70 MBA programmes from around the world, bringing together the future business leaders of tomorrow.

What is the Graduate Business Conference?

The Graduate Business Conference (GBC) is the first and only student run global MBA leadership conference, supported by the Graduate Business Forum organisation. The prestigious annual conference brings together not only student leaders from the world’s top 70 MBA Programs and Business Schools, but also corporate executives, government officials, renowned academics, royalty entrepreneurs, and other current global leaders.

Since its founding at Columbia Business School in 1983, the Graduate Business Conference has hosted:

  • 3000+ current student leaders and alumni
  • 2000+ presidents and VPs of MBA student governments/councils/boards/associations
  • 300+ corporate executives, government officials, renowned academics, royalty and entrepreneurs
  • 400+ forums and workshops
  • In 30+ countries

ESCP attended its first Graduate Business Conference in 2018, sending three student delegates from the MBA in International Management: Anna Kouzovleva, Oliver Maden, and Véronique Liverpool hosted by Copenhagen Business School

Inspired by the experience of Graduate Business Conference 2018 at Copenhagen Business School, ESCP MBA in International Management students have created an Organising Committee of more than 50 student-leaders to host Graduate Business Conference 2019 in Paris from April 2-6, 2019.

ESCP’s vision for the Graduate Business Conference 2019

Graduate Business Conference 2019 will be a premier event, celebrating on the one hand ESCP’s 200th anniversary and rich heritage, and on the other its continuous excellence, designing tomorrow, for France, for Europe, and for the world.

The theme of Graduate Business Conference 2019 will be: United in Diversity.  Diversity and cultural blending have always been a part of ESCP’s DNA.  In fact, the class of 1824 was comprised of 30% international students representing over 15 different nationalities.  Therefore, it was only fitting that the theme of this conference be inspired by the same ethos.  The motto of the European Union is, “In Varietate Concordia” meaning “United in Diversity.  As one of the only Pan-European Universities, ESCP deeply understands the importance of celebrating the differences that make individuals unique and valuable, and further, that it will be these differences that shape the future.

This rich vision of the future of the global economy will be focused through several topics:

  • United in Diversity — Europe in a global context
  • Humanistic Leadership — Humanism and Emotional Intelligence
  • Entrepreneurship — Technology, Innovation and Social Impact

Woven through each of these topics will be the common threads of responsible leadership, globalism, education, and innovation, and advancing these values, global organizations and individual leaders will be involved in Graduate Business Conference 2019 as sponsors, keynote speakers, workshop partners, and other means.

Graduate Business Conference 2019 promises to be a monumental event, honoring the past and celebrating the future, admiring differences and embracing diversity.

Who better to host than ESCP, the world’s first business school, celebrating its 200th anniversary, with the students and Alumni of the MBA in International Management?

To get involved in the Graduate Business Conference, please contact Oliver Madden at oliver.madden@edu.escpeurope.eu.