This event promises to be a cutting-edge discussion and hands-on learning experience on the impact of digital technologies on the healthcare systems in Europe.

Digitalisation in healthcare is a multifaceted phenomenon that remains emergent. If not driven by technology, innovations would not sufficiently meet the needs and expectations of clinicians and patients, resulting in the proliferation of poorly integrated solutions.

Join our Conference & Masterclass to grab the latest insights from medical experts and academics through a review of cutting-edge innovations happening now in the healthcare systems around the world.

With an exclusive network of professionals from different parts of the ecosystem, this is a unique opportunity to reflect and discuss on what could be Healthcare systems 20 years from now, covering topics such as:

  • An analysis of projects proposed by practitioners: understanding how practitioners envisioned digital innovation in healthcare to shed light on debates about how to improve innovation efficiency

  • How Blockchain technology can improve the outcomes of clinical trials

  • Predicting GPs engagement with Artificial Intelligence

  • Can Social Networks enhance existing patient pathways making them scalable?

  • Smart Capacity planning for a better utilisation of NHS wards

Masterclass - Managing Digital and Innovation Disruptions
13:30 - 17:30 
Led by: Davide Sola, Professor, ESCP 

Our tailor-made interactive Masterclass delivered by Dr Davide Sola, Professor of Strategy & Management at ESCP will equip you with the practical Management tools you need to address Digital Innovation disruptions:

  • Grasp the full scope of future outlooks and key innovations with a focus on Disruptive innovations that have the power to reshape the Healthcare systems

  • Build your strategy to develop an actionable framework through "Creative Entrepreneurship" that can enable all stakeholders to drive innovation

  • Tackle your biggest challenges through ad-hoc change management techniques

  • Exchange with a strong network of practicians, digital experts and academics on good practices for improved interoperability

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Following the masterclass, we will host the Digital Innovation in Healthcare Conference, starting at 18:00. Due to limited places please register your interest here  

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Davide Sola, ESCP Professor of Strategy & Management

Davide Sola

Professor of Strategy & Management

Lise Thibult, Business Development Executive

Lise Thibult

Business Development Executive


Organiser: ESCP

London - United Kingdom



Start date: 27/09/2018

Start time: 12:30 PM

End time: 8:30 PM