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One of the unique features of ESCP's Programmes is that they offer significant opportunities for field experiences.
The students of the MSc in Hospitality and Tourism Management, during their term in Turin, were involved in an exciting Social Media Marketing and Strategy project on three of the city’s main museums: GAM, MAO and Palazzo Madama.

Thanks to the collaboration with Fondazione Torino Musei, that manages the museums, our HTM students, divided into 6 groups, worked for a month on a project called "The Art of Social Media: Museum as attraction to enhance Destination Marketing"

Each museum had 2 teams studying its social media channels and digital strategy.
The students had the opportunity to get an in-depth understanding of the unique identity of each museum, by visiting them, studying their website and social media, interviewing the visitors and meeting the museums’ digital team.

At the beginning of April, the final presentation of the project was made to a panel of experts: Francesco Rattalino, Dean of ESCP Turin Campus, Francesca Pucciarelli, ESCP Marketing Professor, Elisabetta Rattalino, General Secretary of Fondazione Torino Musei, Cristina Negus, Communications, Marketing and Innovation Manager at Fondazione Torino Musei, Anna Follo, Digital Officer, Fondazione Torino Musei, Emilio Agagliati, Cultural and Administrative Service Director of the City of Turin, Eleonora Serra, Head of Piedmont Museums pass, Silvia Lanza, Turin and Province Tourism Press office and media relations, and Emanuela Giorgini, DMO Piemonte, Web Marketing, Digital Tourism, Website and Social.

For the students” - said Francesco Rattalino, Dean of ESCP Turin Campus – “it was a unique opportunity to apply the concepts they studied previously to important museums with many visitors. At the same time, Fondazione Torino Musei has benefitted from the fresh and multicultural perspectives offered by our students”.

Francesca Pucciarelli, Marketing Professor tutoring the project, added: “The Live Case enabled students to understand the differences between a personal and a professional use of Social Media. Part of the success of the process arose from the fact that our students had access to FTM analytics performances, strengthening both their understanding of the impact of social media and the opportunity to learn strategic guidelines for future success”.  

The six teams of students of the MSc in Hospitality and Tourism Management delivered their digital strategy plans for the 3 museums and the jury was highly impressed by the quality of the outcome. 
Contrary to what had been decided previously, the experts decided unanimously to reward 3 out of 6 teams.
Thanks to the collaboration with Fondazione Torino Musei, the three winning teams are going to manage the museums' social media for a week.

The winning teams are: 

Group London for Palazzo Madama, made up of Talia Bergman, Anaïs Chapel, Martin Henaff, France Lanoë.

Group Turin for GAM, made up of Anastasia Grossi, Noemie Hertzog, Federica Loioli, Tristan Massin, Sophia Yver.

Group Berlin for MAO, made up Davide Cappitella, Jorge Coca, Mamoun Mekouar, Pauline Mocquard, Maximilian Rieutord.

Congrats for the great job guys!