A new school year under the banner of innovation for students

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The banner of innovation for students

This academic year, ESCP Business School deploys new services to enhance the excellence of the ESCP student experience.

A student receives her back-to-school kit

While the Covid crisis has disrupted many aspects of academic life, ESCP has nevertheless pursued its phygital transformation plan to serve the student experience. Thus, from their first day of school to the beginning of their professional lives, ESCP students now benefit from exclusive innovations.

According to Frank Bournois, Dean of ESCP:

Digital technology only makes sense if it feeds the DNA of ESCP, which is centered on the student. All of our projects revolve around this obsession: how can we make life easier for our students and offer them an enhanced academic experience? How can digital technology, far from being a factor of uniformity, always bring them value and personalisation? This is the yardstick by which we validate projects.

A single European student card

ESCP is the first French institution to offer an official European Student Card, valid on all campuses and allowing students to benefit from internal services or to access external offers.

Developed in partnership with ISIC, students have access to the photocopiers, libraries, cafeteria and restaurant on the Paris campus. In the coming months, Erasmus exchange students will have access to the services of their host university
, says Alix de Laval, Director of Student Experience.

A skills passport

While the excellence of ESCP degrees is a guarantee of quality in the eyes of recruiters, each ESCP student has developed unique knowledge and know-how through his or her multi-campus courses, electives and internships. A world first, the ESCP digital passport, developed with the company Habilitatem, will allow graduates to enhance their profiles thanks to the skills they've acquired and developed during their studies.

Each student will have an ESCP passport that provides a summary of the technical skills and professional knowledge he or she has acquired and developed during their studies. This is an additional asset to help them enter the workforce in the best possible conditions
, explains Dominique Pépin, Career Development & Corporate Relations Director.

Diplomas certified by the Blockchain

Blockchain certified diplomas are now widespread. Unforgeable, they facilitate the verification work of companies that recruit ESCP students worldwide

The Blockchain revolution is a boon for education-related technologies (Edtech), a booming sector where the need for authentication is paramount. According to several studies, 33% of job applicants most often give themselves a fake degree. The need to verify this type of information is no longer incidental and can be useful to avoid certain disputes later on...

An innovative partnership between two world leaders

ESCP and Lacoste, two global brands with European and French roots, have joined forces to establish a unique partnership for students.

This partnership has multiple dimensions, both on the academic level, with the possibility for Lacoste to share its knowledge with students through lectures and classes, and on the pedagogical level, with the development of case studies and other simulations, as well as on the professional level, by offering company visits and unique internship and job opportunities for ESCP students.

Both institutions are committed to a responsible approach through the development of projects to promote inclusion and equal opportunity.

For the start of the 2021 school year, ESCP students also had the pleasure of receiving a Lacoste polo shirt with the ESCP logo.

Our two brands share the values of excellence and diversity. A partnership of this scope demonstrates the pioneering spirit of our two institutions and testifies to our common desire to act for a more responsible world,
, says félicite Léon Laulusa, Deputy Director General in charge of Academic and International Affairs.




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